A few basic tips to choosing a good domain name for your new business.

The shorter the domain name the better. A domain less than 15 characters is easier to remember and less likely to be misspelt. Try to stick to one or two words or a compound word. The more memorable the domain name the better. The best website has no value if a user cannot remember the name. Keep it simple while avoiding hyphens and numbers. Unusually spelt words are commonly forgotten and can be confusing. Your domain name should reflect your business and your brand. The .COM extension is by far the most recognized, search indexed and brandable however most are already taken. Sometimes with a little effort a rare find is possible. Make sure the domain name is not part of an existing trademark. As well, consider the additional availability of social media URLs that are similar. There are now hundreds of domain extensions so with a little effort and creativity a solid brandable name is possible.